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About Tepar

Tepar Textile

Leading of Polyester,Polyamide and Polypropylene Textured Yarns

Tepar is a leading producer and processor of multi filament Polyester,Polyamide and Polypropylene textured ( ATY-DTY) yarns. We provide innovative, global textile solutions and unique branded yarns to our customers.Our wide range of capabilities, state-of the art machinery provide us with the needed flexibility to competitively operate on a global platform.

Our business consists of the manufacturing of Draw texturing, Air-jet texturing, Twisting, of polyester,polyamide and Polypropylene filament yarns. Tepar yarns can be used in many products, including Upholstery, Home Textiles, Automotive, Military and Technical Textiles applications and Contract Business.

Our goal is to provide customers and consumers with products that enhance the value of everyday products.

Customers that choose to do business with Tepar have quick access to the newest products, including Tepar's portfolio of branded products. Some of these products include AUTOTEX®, DURAFIL® FLARET®, SLUBS® ECOFIL®, VELOX®, and DISCAT®. These branded products can be found in many products manufactured by the world's leading weavers and knitters. The Company continues to drive growth organically through increased support of branded products and a continued focus on operational excellence.